My name is Alex

My mission is to teach the world to grow mushrooms.

I've spent years finding the best strategies to get you bumper mushroom crops, easily.

Tired of bad and conflicting advice? Want an easy techniques to get you growing fast? 

...Welcome to the Tribe!


My Story

Mushrooms have transformed my life. They are a Gift to the world.

I am here to pay it forward.  To help my brothers and sisters to heal and grow with these beautiful medicines.

When I started out, growing mushrooms seemed difficult and overwhelming.

So many outdated techniques and conflicting advice.

I made many mistakes and wasted lots of time and money.

But now you don't have to suffer like I did.

I've dived down the rabbit hole to find the best ways to grow - for you.

With Fungi Tribe Techniques I will cut through the bad advice, to make mushrooms growing easy and inspiring.

Growing Up

When I was a kid I grew food with my mum in our garden.

Together we would watch the baby plants poke out their heads, and I knew that life was good. 

Ever since then growing food and medicine has been magic to me.

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Why I Do It


Mushrooms can help us solve some of our the biggest problems.

They are food, medicine, a spiritual tool for rapid growth.

They are super-digestors clearing up human waste and improving the environment for everyone. 

And so much more.

Here's a video from my course "Growing Mushrooms for Business and Pleasure" to tell you more about why I get up every day to teach the world to grow.

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