Grow Tools for the Evolution of Consciousness

This 12-week online course gives you the exact information you need to grow big crops in small spaces. Begins 28th February 2024.


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Growing Mushrooms for Healing and Transformation

This course will teach you everything you need to know to grow an abundance of mushrooms at home, in small spaces and using household items. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • On-Demand Lifetime Access to expert video lessons and PDF guides on each stage of the growing and harvesting process. You can get started as soon as the course begins and grow at your own pace.

  •  Two weekly Live Q and A calls with Alex each Tuesday 5-6pm GMT/1-2pm EST and Friday 1-2pm GMP/9-10am EST. You choose how many calls you want to join.

  • Membership to an online community of inspiring new growers - with questions answered regularly throughout the 12 week course.  I've got you in this. 

With a little effort and a lot of fun, you could have all the mushrooms you and your friends will ever need!

What my students are saying:

"Alex has a great personality and shows his love for the subject very clearly.  The information is amazing.  You won't regret taking this course!"

- Joris A.

"All is well explained and the videos are awesome, never missing a step.  Congratulations Alex - I am a fan of your course!"

- Joao C.

"Fantastic. Alex, your enthusiasm is absolutely inspiring.  If all teachers were like you, we would have colonised Mars a long time ago (see what I did there?) I thoroughly recommend this course."

- Lutz S.

 New grower? Tired of failed attempts at growing mushrooms? We can make it easy together!

Join a community of beginner growers from around the world and learn to:

  • Grow big crops quickly and discreetly using household equipment.
  • Harvest, dry and store an abundance of mushrooms to never run out again.
  • Use small spaces to grow in closed environments  - so nobody needs to know.
  • Choose from small-scale and bulk cultivation strategies - how big do you want to go?
  • Master growing hacks to get the best mushrooms with minimal effort.

In Growing Mushrooms for Healing and Transformation, you’ll learn how to grow powerful medicines, fast.


The course begins in:










What's Included In The Course...


The Basics

The fundamentals to get you growing with a strong foundation.  You'll learn:

  • How to use and make the most out of this course
  • Key terminology for your growing journey
  • The life cycle of mushrooms

You’ll finish this module with the basic information you need about how mushrooms grow.


Quick Start

The A-Z of DIY grow kits before we dive into growing from scratch.  You'll learn:

  • The main stages of mushroom growth
  • What mushrooms need throughout their lifespan
  • How to get started FAST if you can't wait!

You’ll finish this module with an understanding of mushroom colonisation and fruiting stages.


What Mushrooms Need

A deep dive into what your babies will need to thrive! You'll learn:

  • The ideal conditions for colonising substrate
  • The best environment for fruiting mushrooms
  • How you can replicate these conditions at home

You’ll finish this module knowing what mushrooms need and how to give it to them.



A breakdown of everything you'll need to affordably grow like a pro.  You'll learn:

  • The difference between spore syringes and liquid cultures
  • What grain spawn to look for - or the kit you'll need to make it
  • All the household items to get for your grow

You’ll finish this module ready to get kitted out and start your growing journey.



All you need to know about staying clean while growing mushrooms at home.  You'll learn:

  • How to keep your grow safe from contamination
  • An easy method for staying clean
  • Options to use a Still Air Box - and how to make one

You’ll finish this module with the knowhow to keep your grows clean and healthy.


Choosing a Growing Method

A breakdown of the options for low-tech and bulk cultivation.  You'll learn:

  • Options for low-tech cultivation 
  • The benefits and drawbacks of bulk cultivation 
  • The tools you'll need for your chosen growing method

You’ll finish this module with a clear focus on which growing method you want to use.


Low-Tech Cultivation

How to grow mushrooms using the "PF Tek" Method.  You'll learn:

  • Exactly what equipment you'll need
  • How to prepare, inoculate and colonise "cakes"
  • How to "birth" and fruit your mushrooms

You’ll finish this module with all the skills you need to get your grow on, low-tech style.


Bulk Cultivation

All you need to know for bulk cultivation using plastic tubs, from start to finish.  You'll learn:  

  • All the equipment you'll need
  • Grain inoculation and how to colonise substrate
  • How to make and fruit a Monotub

You’ll finish this module ready to grow big crops inside a plastic box.


Making Life Easy (Growing Tips and Hacks)

Optional suggestions to make your growing journey as easy as possible.  You'll learn:

  • How to use a lizard fogger
  • The "Just Do Nothing" hack
  • No-frills cultivation with the "Easy as Fuk Tek"

You’ll finish this module with the knowhow to automate growing systems and get crops with minimal effort.


Harvesting, Drying and Getting Extra 'Flushes'

A guide to processing mushrooms and getting the most out of existing containers.  You'll learn:

  • How to harvest your crops
  • Drying and storage methods for optimum potency
  • How to get extra "flushes" of mushrooms from existing blocks

You’ll finish this module ready to maximise your crop - and keep it safe for future use.


Making Grain Spawn

This is for you if you want to cut out the middlemen and make grain spawn from scratch.  You'll learn:

  • All the equipment you'll need (including options for a pressure cooker)
  • Options for "Perfect Grains" or the "Quick Cheat Method"
  • How to sterilise grain spawn - the final stage before inoculation

You’ll finish this module with all the skills to never buy grain spawn from a store again!



Learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make them yourself.  You'll learn:

  • How to deal with mould and bacterial growth
  • How to avoid them altogether
  • The lowdown on insects, mutant mushrooms and fruiting stubborn substrate

You’ll finish this module ready to avoid - or deal with - common growing problems.


Next Steps for Growers

Got the growing bug? Here are some next steps if your ready to dive deeper.  You'll learn:

  • Options for future learning - creating your own living cultures
  • Where to go to learn about edible mushrooms
  • Which online communities could help you grow

You’ll finish this module with (hopefully) some juicy mushrooms and the urge to learn more!









Enrolments Open Now! Course fee: ÂŁ300 GBP / $380 USD



I'm Alex Field

After hearing how useful mushrooms can be for improving physical, mental and spiritual health, I set about learning to grow them myself.  I was shocked at how difficult it seemed and confused by the conflicting advice I found online.  After lots of failed grows and experiments I learned what works and what doesn't and found the easiest and cheapest methods to grow mushrooms at home, fast.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you grow their own medicines easily, quickly and cheaply. Whether you're working under your bed or on on your kitchen counter, I’ll show you how to grow big crops in small spaces.