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Growing Mushrooms for Healing and Transformation

Have You Heard the Mushrooms calling? 


12-week online Course begins 15th November 2023 - Open for enrolment now!

In this course you'll learn the easiest ways to grow, harvest and process therapeutic mushrooms.  Get your first grow on with an online community of beginners - who also dream of a better world.

 Here's what you'll get:

  • On-Demand Lifetime Access to expert video lessons and PDF guides on each stage of the growing and harvesting process. You can get started as soon as the course begins and grow at your own pace.

  •  Weekly Live Q and A calls with Alex each Tuesday 5-6pm GMT/1-2pm EST (odd weeks), 9-10am GMT/5-6am EST (even weeks).

  •  Membership to an online community of inspiring new growers - with questions answered regularly throughout the 12 week course.  I've got you in this. 

DISCLAIMER: Fungi Tribe does not condone illegal activity. Check your country's laws before choosing which mushrooms to grow. 

BEFORE YOU BUY: Make sure you can buy spore syringes or liquid cultures for the mushrooms you want to grow. A Google or eBay search will show you what's available in your country.

 See if this course is for you - Watch the video below before you sign up:


What People Are Saying:

I absolutely adore Alex's course for a multitude of reasons! Firstly it is incredibly well organized and professionally laid out meaning you can pick up where you left off really easily or refresh yourself on any areas you feel less confident with anytime also. Beyond it's ease of use I find Alex to be a great teacher who's passion for the subject of mushroom cultivation and the fungal kingdom more broadly shines through and kept me engaged throughout all the videos, his love for it is infectious! I couldn't recommend diving into his courses more, I feel so much more confident having been a total novice until very recently!

Edward L.

Alex is an excellent teacher, he is very clear with his instructions so I can follow along easily. I am really enjoying my mushroom adventure!

Lloyd D.

Thank you so much for the wonderful course! The entire process was very well explained in a patient and enthusiastic manner, the course leader appeared very knowledgable. I found it very helpful that the entire process was split in modules and sections - this made my understanding of the single bits easier.