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Paying in USD?

Had enough of paying for questionable cultures or spores?

Crops ruined by old cultures, contaminated syringes or weak genetics?

Found good supplies, but want to be able to expand them yourself?


Are you ready to be in control of what you grow and create your own cultures from scratch?

You're in the right place. This access-anytime online course is for you.


The Home Mushroom Laboratory

On this 13-module instant-access course you'll learn to:

  • Clone, use spores and grow living cultures from almost any mushroom
  • Expand cultures for growing a limitless supply of mushrooms
  • Clean up contaminated cultures
  • Select genetics for the fastest and best-quality grows
  • Keep your favourite cultures forever by storing mycelium in culture 'slants'
  • Prepare grain spawn and inoculate using petri dishes, liquid culture or grain transfer
Paying in USD?

What my students are saying:

"Alex has a great personality and shows his love for the subject very clearly.  The information is amazing.  You won't regret taking this course!"

- Joris A.

"All is well explained and the videos are awesome, never missing a step.  Congratulations Alex - I am a fan of your course!"

- Joao C.

"Fantastic. Alex, your enthusiasm is absolutely inspiring.  If all teachers were like you, we would have colonised Mars a long time ago (see what I did there?) I thoroughly recommend this course."

- Lutz S.

Turn mushrooms into living cultures inside a plastic box – so that you can grow a limitless supply of any mushroom you want.

Join me in this course as I set up a budget mushroom laboratory on my living room table, using a Still Air Box (a plastic box with arm holes in it). I'll be cloning and spore-printing supermarket mushrooms to show you how to create clean living cultures on petri dishes, in liquid culture solutions, and in 'master slants' for long-term storage.  I'll show you the step-by-step procedure from mushroom through to grain spawn so you'll never need to buy cultures or grain spawn again!



This is NOT a mushroom growing course - our focus here is on creating and expanding mushroom cultures to make grain spawn.  If you want to learn how to grow mushrooms please check out my other courses and come back when you've caught the bug.

After the Home Mushroom Laboratory, you'll never need to buy mushroom cultures or grain spawn again!


Paying in USD?

In The Next Few weeks, You Could…

  • Turn mushrooms to living cultures - so you can grow a lifetime's supply
  • Learn the easiest and most effective ways to collect, select and preserve the best mushroom genetics
  • Become a mad mushroom scientist with minimal kit

It's amazing what you can do with the right information!

What's Included In The Course...


The Basics

The fundamentals to get you growing with a strong foundation.  You'll learn:

  • What you can do in a home mushroom lab
  • What spores are and how these compare with live cultures
  • The ways you can use live cultures for growing mushrooms and storing genetics.

You’ll finish this module with the basic information you need about how mushrooms grow.


Equipment for the Home Mushroom Lab

The key bits of kit you'll need - big and small:

  • Equipment for sterilising ingredients
  • Kit for buiding a lab space
  • Important accessories you will need

You’ll finish this module ready to get kitted out and start your growing journey.


Setting Up Your Lab

All you need to know to set your lab up at home. You'll learn:

  • Hygiene requirements for lab work
  • How to set up your lab space
  • How to arrange your key bits of kit

You’ll finish this module ready to set up your sterile space.


Preparing Agar on Petri Dishes

A deep dive into sterile mushroom work on petri dishes.  You'll learn:

  • Why agar is so important - and fun!
  • How to prepare your own agar for mycology using basic equipment
  • Techniques for preparing re-usable and disposable petri dishes

You’ll finish this module ready to grow your own cultures for the best and cleanest genetics.


Creating Liquid Cultures (LC)

All you need to know about living liquid mycelial cultures an how to make them. You'll learn:

  • What liquid cultures are and how they can improve your grows
  • What you'll need to make liquid cultures
  • How to prepare jars and liquid culture solution.

You’ll finish this module with the foundations for exponential mushroom grows!


Testing and Expanding Liquid Cultures (LC)

How to turn a small amount of culture into an exponential supply - and how to make sure cultures are clean. You'll learn:

  • How testing and expanding cultures will help you 
  • How to test cultures on agar (with just a drop of solution!) 
  • How to expand cultures for limitless grows

You’ll finish this module ready to test and expand your culture empire!


Cloning Mushrooms

Real magic - How to turn a piece of mushroom into living cultures for growing. You'll learn:

  • Exactly what equipment you'll need to clone ANY mushrom
  • How to clone a mushroom to agar 
  • How to clone direct to a liquid culture solution

You’ll finish this module ready to clone shop-bought, foraged or home-grown mushrooms.


Using Mushroom Spores

What spores are and why and how to use them.  You'll learn:  

  • How to take and store spore prints - and turn them into spore syringes
  • Options for using spore syringes on agar and grain
  • How to grow spores on agar - from spore prints or direct from fresh mushrooms

You’ll finish this module ready to prepare prints, syringes and agar plates for cultivation


Making Transfers / Cleaning Up Contamination

The geekiest section of the course!  You'll learn:

  • How to understand and 'read' mycelial growth
  • Techniques for making transfers to agar and liquid culture
  • How to deal with contaminated cultures

You’ll finish this module ready to clean up, select and grow the best mushroom genetics.


Making Grain Spawn

Cut out the middlemen and make grain spawn from scratch.  You'll learn:

  • All the equipment you'll need (including options for a pressure cooker)
  • Options for "Perfect Grains" or the "Quick Cheat Method"
  • How to sterilise grain spawn - the final stage before inoculation

You’ll finish this module with all the skills to never buy grain spawn from a store again!


Inoculating and Incubating Grain

All you need to know about grain inoculation and incubation.  You'll learn:

  • How to inoculate using liquid cultures and direct from agar
  • How to expand grain with grain-to-grain transfers
  • How to incubate your grain spawn

You’ll finish this module prepared to use your cultures - so you can be ready to grow with them.


Long-Term Storage

Learn to store your favourite cultures long term for access to a lifetime of grows. You'll learn:

  • What culture 'slants' are
  • How to prepare them
  • Inoculation and storage for long-term preservation

You’ll finish this module ready to keep your favourite cultures alive for your grandkids!


Next Steps for Growers

Got the growing bug? Here are some next steps if your ready to dive deeper.  You'll learn:

  • The (almost infinite) scope of your new passion
  • Where to learn more to really make a difference
  • Which online communities could help you grow

You’ll finish this module with (hopefully) some juicy cultures and the urge to learn more!


The Home Mushroom Laboratory

Get instant lifetime-access to the online course video materials and step-by-step guides.

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This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to become self-sufficient at growing mushroom cultures and making your own grain spawn
  • You have access to (or are willing to buy) a pressure cooker / canner for sterilising kit
  • You have a basic knowledge of mushroom cultivation
  • You have some experience of growing mushrooms - using a kit or from scratch

If you've not grown mushrooms before, do check out my growing courses!


I'm Alex Field

After hearing how useful mushrooms can be for improving physical, mental and spiritual health, I set about learning to grow them myself.  I was shocked at how difficult it seemed and confused by the conflicting advice I found online.  After lots of failed grows and experiments I learned what works and what doesn't and found the easiest and cheapest methods to grow mushrooms at home, fast.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you grow their own medicines easily, quickly and cheaply. It doesn't matter how good you were at science at school - I'll teach you the easy steps to make magic with mushroom cultures!



The Home Mushroom Laboratory

Get instant lifetime-access to the online course video materials and step-by-step guides.

Payment Plan


3 monthly payments - instant access now

One-off payment ÂŁ149

1 payment - instant lifetime access